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Poker table with lowjack raise and highjack call, button's turn to act

At the Table

There's a raise and a call before you.
What hands should you play?

animated gif of floptimal action bar

Floptimal Input

Enter the stack size, betting action, and position in seconds.

Screenshot of floptimal classic grid, LJ raise HJ call BTN reaction for 25 big blinds

Floptimal Output

Visualizations on how to play this spot appear instantly.

multi-dimensional visualizationS
screenshot of floptimal grid showing how to play 97s from any position at any stack size

A Hand in a Nutshell

See how to play any hand from any position at any stack size

Screenshot of Floptimal grid, how to play K7s on the button in reaction to any raiser

How to React to Any Raise

Anticipate how to play against a raise from any position before or after you at all stack depths

screenshot of Floptimal heatmap grid

Expected Ranges

See what cards your opponents are likely holding and how your hand or range stacks up

Screenshot of Floptimal Blueprint grid

Cheatsheet of Playable Hands

See every position's playable hands for any stack size, all in one view.
Ex: J8s is purple, so it can be played from LJ onward. Earlier positions should fold it.

fully interactive design
Animated gif showing Floptimal blueprint grid, 8bb all-in or fold

Hover States Everywhere

Most components on Floptimal are responsive. This grid highlights the hands to go all-in with from any position.

Animated gif of Floptimal showing how hovering over stack sizes and positions in the action bar updates the classic grid

Reference Without Having to Commit

Quickly compare how actions change across positions and stack sizes. See ranges without undoing the action you've already put in.

"Floptimal is such a cool tool with a great user interface. It makes the process of studying preflop decisions really smooth!"
Andrew “luckychewy” Lichtenberger
Over $10M in live tournament earnings. WPT Super High Roller champion. WSOP bracelet winner.
"Nice interface and seems very useful for getting your ranges down."
Doug Polk
Founder of Upswing Poker. 3x WSOP bracelet winner.
"Your ranges, but hotter! Love how this product presents well-mined data in enjoyable and fresh ways that makes it more likely to remember the important stuff."
Jennifer Shahade
2x US Women's Chess Champion. Woman Grandmaster. Speaker. Host. Author. PokerStars Ambassador.
"Super sick, tbh."
Connor Drinan
SCOOP record holder. WSOP bracelet winner.
"Oh great, let's make the games tougher."
Stevan Chew
Random Chu. MTT crusher.
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